Const node of figma.currentPage.selection ordered by layer heirarchy

I am developing a plugin to insert text into each selected text node. It is working well, except that it is inserting each text item ordered by when the node was created. I have moved around the text nodes in the layers panel hoping that the order of the layer would impact the insertion order, but that didn’t change anything. Here is what I have:

figma.ui.onmessage = async (msg) => {
  if (msg.type === 'add-date') {
    for (const node of figma.currentPage.selection) {
      if (node.type == 'TEXT') {
        const fonts = node.getRangeAllFontNames(0, node.characters.length);
        for (const font of fonts) {
          await figma.loadFontAsync(font);
        node.characters = msg.dates.shift();

On that third line down, how do I tell it to get the node in order by layer hierarchy, not creation time?

Thanks in advance.