Component swap property is awesome

Hey fellow designers

I got few thoughts around component swap property and how it changed the game for me. Despite some negatives here and there I found out this one is utterly amazing! It makes design process fairly fun when you explore options and then try to figure out how to properly piece everything together into handy design blocks. And very important aspect for me is to be able to tokenize my designs as much as I could. Systems require full control not only over typography and colour, but shape properties, spacing etc. Ideally with no plugins please :wink:

Figma is perfectly made for “atomic” design, composition is a first class citizen here and with component swap property I made it like this

Under the hood there are bunch of primitive components for shapes, spacing and sizing. I wired them with a card using component swap property.

Another example is my avatar component. There are only two variants, both image size and border radius all set with components.

And this is my setup for spacing components. I added layout grid to each of them so they are visually distinct and may become visible whenever I need them to see

And yeah, it is much easier to design easy to use components too!

Looks neat, isn’t it? ) Would love to hear from other about their design experiences with brand new features

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