Color style working across files but not working in one file

Created a color style in our design system and has worked great. Today, we have a file with the design system enabled that is not behaving as it should.

The color style has the proper 100% fill and hex code in the design system but for some reason, in this file, the properties aren’t showing for the color style. The color style works in other files but this one simply doesn’t produce properties and results in an empty object without a fill.


Hi @Brandon_Ponce ,
Thank you for flagging this! It looks odd, can you reach out our support team: here?

Please include your Figma account email, a link to the file, and share it with so they can investigate further. Thank you!

Hi @Celine_Figma ,
Thank you for the response! I have reached out to Figma’s support team via the link you shared.

I’ve included my Figma account email, link to the file, and have shared it. Thank you!

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