Color Style Picker - Lots of unnecessary scrolling

I have a good number of color styles and color groups. Every time I go to pick a color style I have to scroll for a while to find the color I need. The scroll wheel on my mouse likes to jump around a lot so that makes this a very tedious task.

I could search the color name however, I have labeled my colors to match the names marketing has provided which many have similar names (Blue, Dark Blue, Dark Grey). This means I have to type out the full name to get rid of the need for scrolling which doesnt save much time.

I would. like to see a more condensed view of the color styles to eliminate the need to scroll so often. Possibly implement a view similar to what the color picker has, or even make is so selecting a color style from there applies it as a color style.
Are there any other solutions other have found to this problem?

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