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Career Direction

Been doing UI/UX/Everything (or trying to) for a large company for about 5 years now. I like “the actual work” per say, but the balance of work vs everything else is like 5/95%, in other words the headaches are way outdoing the benefits.

I’m considering getting away from UI/UX directly, does anyone have some suggestions/relatable situations. My beef isn’t so much with the work, I enjoy figuring out products etc…but it’s more how we get treated overall and I know this is common, but for example, do you think the architect of a house or skyscraper gets treated the same as the janitor? of course not and I feel like a lot of time we get treated like the janitor, while doing the architects work if you understand the comparison. Many ux/ui people I know even have previous professional experience and high level education…

I realize this isn’t “right” but it’s reality in many places today. I’m looking for more money, responsibility, work, everything… (have had other career and have good formal education)

I’m just not sure what to do. Looking for advice.

Wow, I’m barely starting and you have left me thinking…

Really depends on where you work, I’m sure “big dog” tech companies are substantially better. (and they better be…) some tight run start ups are probably good.

So it’s really a crapshoot to be honest. Doesn’t really have anything to do with actual “work” or ux/ui per-say.

There’s other things one can do for more money and less hassles.

You simply have to weigh the headaches to good/ok ratio.

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