Can't turn off the preference "Highlight layers on hover"

This is driving me mad. For some reason the preference “Highlight layers on hover” can’t be turned off. The preference is not selected in the Preferences menu but Figma ignores it.

It just started today. I have restarted Figma and my computer, opened and closed files, without no result. I have not made any other updates.

Anyone else having this problem?

I also have this problem, also driving me mad. Would very like this to be fixed, hard to work.

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Report the bug to Figma support team via the bug report form.

I’ve reported the bug - it’s driving me mad too. I’m delighted that other people have noticed.

I too have this problem and it is driving me nuts!

@Gleb Bug report form doesn’t seem to be the right place, this is what I get in response from figma product support team :thinking:

This is a normal automated response confirmation that your report was received.

It’s now fixed :white_check_mark: Happy days!

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