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Can't send a comment if its behind the "comments panel"

I’m trying to send a comment but since it’s behind the comments panel, the Send button it’s behind it. :frowning:

Create a comment near the Comment Panel and you won’t see the Send Button.

This is an example:
Screen Shot 2021-04-27 at 09.54.04

Only saw it on the desktop app. (Haven’t check the browser)

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Ah yeah I’m able reproduce this. Good find! :male_detective:

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Hey, something similar happens when I try to reply to a comment.

I click on the Comment and the comment gets automatically centered so I can´t see the Reply section.


Hi! I am having the same issue now. Do we know a fix for this issue?

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I can’t find a way to hide the toolbar. It’s problematic when in comment mode because the comment modal is under the toolbar. Making replying a pain. Here is a video of what I’m describing: Screen Recording 2021-07-26...