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Can't see the preview in the edit Frame

If I edit frame two or three I can’t see the preview. Why?

In Adobe XD you always have the current frame in the preview. That’s what I want here too.

Ohhh. You can use Figma Mirror for that.

Thanks for the suggestion. But I do not want to use a different device. Is the mirror also available for PC?

I have found it. Unfortunately, the mirror does not show me the edited frame.

Yes, you need to select the frame itself, not its contents, to see it. There is no way around it.

Too bad it doesn’t work like Adobe XD. If you can still fix that, that would be awesome.

You can create a a feature request in #product-ideas so other people with the same issue could vote for it and potentially Figma team may see and improve this.

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Maybe I will get the first vote from you