Can't export SVG Icon's frame with gradients and shadow correctly

I’m trying to export my icons that have a ‘drop shadow’ effect and gradients in the 80x80px frame. But after exporting we get the wrong size (bigger than it’s necessary).

In the case of ‘drop shadow’ I can avoid it in two steps I assume:

  • Create a shadow with a figure, not the ‘drop shadow’ effect
  • Make adjustments in the code and install shadow there.

!!! But I don’t know what I can do with the gradient icon (example below)

Here on the left I have an icon that was created on Figma and was exported
On the right I have th icon that I put after the 1st one was exported.

I can’t understand why it’s happening and how I can fix it

Hello, before exporting you need to have “Clip content” tool switched