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Can't copy text from Figma PDFs in Adobe Acrobat and links look weird

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So I am working on brand guidelines for a client and originally designed it in Keynote but we want the parts of the document to be more living and breathing so we are moving it over to Figma because of the many advantages and quick editing/updating capabilities.

When exporting a page as a PDF from Figma and then opening in Adobe Acrobat, the links have a rectangle outline around them to signify they are links, and the text in the PDF cannot be copied from the PDF.

This doesn’t seem to be an issue when opening it in Preview on Apple computers. It would be great to get Adobe Acrobat support for Figma PDFs so links look great and allow for text copying for clients using Acrobat.

Here’s a screenshot of Adobe Acrobat showing how links look. The word ‘descriptor’ is a link.

You can change the appearance of links in Adobe Acrobat: Links and attachments in PDFs, Adobe Acrobat

But I also agree that when exporting to PDF, the font should be embedded in the document.

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Oh that’s cool, I didn’t know you could change that. I wonder if it’s a Figma exporting thing that turns it on. Thanks for sharing!

Unfortunately, Figma doesn’t have any settings for PDF.