Cannot receive 2-step verification code via SMS

Cannot login into my personal account.

Once I finished login flow, it claimed that there’s a 2-step verification code sent to my phone but I didn’t receive any message. Tried couple of times still wouldn’t work.

Try using one of the backup codes. And reach out to Figma support for assistance.
I’ve submit several times through this form, didn’t get any response/email/anything

What are backup codes refer to ?

When you set up two-factor authentication you always get a list of 10 backup codes that you should always store in a secure place and use in case your default authentication method doesn’t work or you lose your phone for example.

I must’ve lost the backup code, couldn’t find that in email threads either. Is there anyway I can reset the twosteps?

There must be something wrong with the service, since I never changed my phone number.

The backup codes are never emailed to you. In this case your only chance to get the account back is to talk to Figma support. What did they say?

There’s always an error

Use the form I sent you above. In the browser in incognito mode. Does it submit and do you receive a confirmation email when you submit it? Try email too if you haven’t yet:

I’ve sent email to figma support and never get any response :smiling_face_with_tear:

I tried twitter mails, too

@Semi_Design_UED-MED Sorry you’ve been having issues reaching us - you mentioned you’ve emailed us. Can you tell me if you used the form on our website or did you directly email a specific address?

If you emailed into support, you will have received a case number. Please PM me with that information. If you didn’t receive one, check your spam folder just in case emails have been getting diverted there. If you’ve received nothing, please still PM me for further help.

I will be closing this topic, since the community will not be able to help with this.