Cannot go to specific location when using back interaction within two separate frames

Hi! I have a scroll layout of the design where you have all 4 subpages on 1 frame (you can navigate through them via buttons in the menu or scroll through them) however I have 3 occasions where a new page will open (I used “navigate to” interaction since it is necessary to open a new page) and I used back interaction to go the original page upon closing the subpage. However the problem I have is, that I can set the interaction “go back” only to the top of the page and not to the place where the original interaction was made from (with back interaction I am also unable to use ". Since it is scroll through page layout this is not ideal, because you need to scroll through the entire page again to get to the part where you left from.

In general I noticed that when making interaction within two separate frames I can make interaction just within the frames and not particular components within the frame if they do not share one frame. Since I am just learning to work with Figma I am not sure If this is how it is at the moment or am I doing something wrong.

Thanks a lot!

Could you manage opening the subpages as overlays instead?

I think so. If the overlay can operate as normal frame. I would need to create additional interactions from that overlay to another one. Is that going to work?

There is “Swap overlay” which might come in handy. It’s hard to tell without knowing what it is you’re designing.

If you have your startpage A with it’s four subpages B, C, D, E and open these as overlays then closing the overlay (instead of using “go back”) will let the user continue at the point (s)he left off. However, if you can move from subpage to subpage, ie. from B to C using “Swap overlay” then closing the overlay will return the user to A, not move the user back from C to B.

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