Can library components inherit new styles in a template file?

I’m stuck and hope someone here can help… I have a shared team library of components. I’d like to use that library to build larger sections in a template that I would then duplicate for each new website design, so that I can start with the same elements. However, rather than having styles defined on the library itself, I want to apply styles at the template level.

So far, the only way I can tell that can be done is if I override each style already set in the library components. Is that the case, or can I have library styles automatically overridden somehow at the template level?

Oh, wait! I think it just hit me… would I create a new library within/related to that template file and use “swap library”? Or is this basically “theming” and this answer would apply? Use swap library in design file to apply colors to all components placed from another library - #2 by Ana_Boyer :thinking: