Can I smart animate individual shapes(circles)?

I have multiple shapes on a frame (page) and I want them to transition to different effects when I go to a second page.
For example, I want circle 1 to transition to bouncy and circle 2 to transition to gentle, but no matter how I specify the smart animate of the shapes, they all look the same.

how can i solve this?

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Hey @Vision_Coding, thanks for reaching out! It’s difficult for me to see what you’re missing out without seeing any screen recording or the actual file. Are you able to share a copy of your file with me?
Can you provide a direct link to the file here, and invite with “can edit” permission so we can look into this further? Note that users with emails on your team do not count towards your billing.

If you’re unsure on how to invite someone to a file, please follow these steps:

  1. Click the “Share” button at the top-right corner of the Editor
  2. In the next window, type into the text box
  3. Select the “can edit” permission option
  4. Click the “Send invite” button

Also, I have found YouTube videos explaining how to create the bouncy effect, this might be useful for you as well.


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Thanks for reaching out to me!
I’ve send the invite to

Hey @Vision_Coding, thanks for sending the invite! Could you please send me the link to the file as well please? If you don’t want to share this publicly then you can send me a DM and then inform me here under the Forum post!

Thanks in advance!