Bug reports in figma are hard to find/ bad UX and completely frustrating

There’s no easy way to quickly report bug - in fact it sucks and every time I think of reporting something I just don’t do it because it’s pain.

-Form contact support leads to tutorials. Dumb bot gives tutorial how to submit bug report instead of giving the form.
-When you try to submit bug and do it there’s 90% cases when support staff comes and asks for another video or explanations while all the steps were super clear. Just wasting time.
-In the figma interface theres: Support forum, contact support ( dumb useless bot in fact is just FAQ search), ask the community ( the same as support forum), ask the community (duplicate of support forum and ask the community).

FIGMA please do something with your reports. Just as imple in-app form to send screenshot or a loom for a bug. Easy.

-Your inputs in the form ( if you’re lucky to find it) have no support of CMD+A to select whole field
-why to I need to input my email / name every time I report bug? You already have my account logged in
-In what happening field you got “can’t access figma” or “other issue”. Think about it: I’m already in figma, and doing report from in-app accessed form. Why would you give me that option? Add something that makes sense there. Like figma / figjam bug or categorise them by features.

FIX that please, can’t use that horrible form and bot.

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