Branch displaying as approved with multiple reviewers requested

Right now with branching you can requests multiple reviewers to look at a branch. And in the top bar it will show that this branch is in review. However lets say 1 of the reviewers approves it but the other 2 reviewers have not taken a look or approved it yet. The top bar now says that the branch is approved, despite there being 2 reviewers that have not approved it yet, let alone looked at it.

It would be nice if there was some sort of percentage approval, or like 1/4 approved, or it just stayed in the In Review status until all reviewers have approved it so that there is not confusion if a branch has gotten the thumbs up from everbody or not.

Seems pointless to have multiple reviewers if just 1 says its good and it changes the status.

(I do love everything else about branching though. Huge fan!)