Batch Group Objects

Reviving this idea by Seferidis from Nov 2021
—> “Allow to group multiple objects into separate groups/frames (Group each)” <—

This would be great when handling f.e. multiple vector in a frame that would be batch processed with plugins. For some reason there are strange behaviours with x,y positions of vector objects being displaced after a plugin action is made (in this case Frameit). Both does Frameit want to frame each vector (hence me wanting to group them, working with hundreds of frames, so batch is key) and figma randomly scatters their placement all over the canvas, no matter if it’s inside a larger frame or not, it simply overrides it’s parent and reassign x,y position.

This is just to give an idea of a use case. Hope this makes sense and I would be curious if someone would see the benefits of this as well.

Sidenote: I usually can find a plugin for this kind of operation, but for the first time I’m not. Although I haven’t checked if it could be done with an automator, will look into that as well.


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