Avoid grabbing comments by mistake while panning

every time I zoom out and pan I grab a comment moving it from its original position. It would be nice to add CTRL+Z when you move a comment. or maybe delay the opening animation to make it harder to grab them.

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Having this problem too! It’s far too easy to accidentally move a comment when panning around the art board.

Holding down the spacebar to pan does not disable the ability to move a comment. This is especially problematic when zoomed out as a comment might get moved a great distance with no way to undo or know exactly where it came from.

It seems like disabling the ability to move a comment when the hand tool is enabled would be the easiest fix.

Comments are too easy to accidentally move. They also aren’t a part of the undo/redo list, (and shouldn’t be) which makes it obnoxious to place them back where they were.
I run into this issue a lot when slightly zoomed out. The comments seem to have a larger interaction point and when attempting to move a frame, the comment is moved instead.


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