Autolayout Nested component duplication not working

Hi! I’ve worked with auto layouts for a long time and enjoyed the user experience, but today I was doing the same things I was doing before, and it didn’t work. In auto-layout component, it is impossible to add more similar nested items. Therefore, lists don’t work.

Here is the reproduction video: kap.mp4 - Google Drive


  • Create some “list-item” component
  • Create a frame “list” with auto layout, add “list-item” inside it, make it a component
  • Create instance of “list”, try to duplicate “list-item” in it

What happens: the “list-item” is duplicated outside of the “list”
Expected behavior: “list-item” is duplicated inside the list, below the first “list-item” instance

That’s right, you can’t add/remove items to a component instance. You can only add/remove elements in the master component.

There is a feature request on the forum that you can vote for here: Fully Editable Component Instances

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