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Auto-Turn off grid when zoomed out far

This is not a major problem, but it would just be a nice to have:

When the grid is enabled, and when zoomed out really far, the grid ends up dominating the visual appearance of the screens. And the objects underneath are difficult to see. I do realize that a user can quickly turn off the grid by using the shortcut key Control + G. But in order to do this, the user still has to first zoom out, then press Control + G (or reverse in order). That is basically three steps. I would be nice Figma has the ability to allow users to choose an option in settings where when they zoom out to a certain distance, and then the grid automatically becomes not visible at that distance. The allows the user to maintain the zooming action with his/her fingers and move around at a zoomed out view all in one motion.

Please see screenshot:

In Figma Settings:
Possible 1st solution:
Box unchecked = zooming functions as it does now
Box checked = grid turns off once the user zooms out far enough.

Possible 2nd solution:
Same as above but with the addition of a slider which allows the user to determine at what zoom percent the grid auto turns off.

Then once the user zooms back in beyond that threshold, the grid becomes visible again.

I don’t think this would be mandatory, but I think that it would be a nice feature.

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