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Auto Layout Text Resize

How to make like this in the picture because thank shrink Question Box make like this in picture [Down] i have used auto-fill but still works like this

Please send a link to your file.

well i am trying to learn if someone fix for me wouldn’t be help full

also I cant

Not seeing how your file is arranged (layers and their settings), I can only offer you this: set for the text block “Fill container” horizontally and “Hug contents” vertically. Perhaps the same settings will be required for the nested Auto Layout, if you have one.

yeah I know why u wanted to share the link I have done this filling container everything I mean it works fine but then it grouped with boxes these boxes messing my text also they got stretched I tried everything without group or with a group or with another frame

Unfortunately, I won’t help you without the file. So find similar files in Figma Community to learn how to do this.

i will try to give you file

i am talking to resize quick box and work as title works (lore Ipsum) but everything in center

Since Figma has no setting for max-width, you can only simulate this manually. I edited your file by changing the settings for the text layers and adding one more Auto Layout.

If you need to increase the width of the frame:

  1. Increase the width of the “2.1. QuestionBox” frame.
  2. Select “Frame 645” and set it to the desired fixed width.

If you need to reduce the width of the frame:

  1. Reduce the width of the “2.1. QuestionBox” frame.
  2. Select “Frame 645” and set the “Fill container” to it horizontally.

yeah i though there was automatic way to fix own

thanks anyways

You can vote to add this feature in this thread: Min and Max Width for Auto Layout

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