Although it is a design system, the slowness of the Figma file

hello everyone,
I have nearly 300 screens in one of my files in Figma. I worked by establishing a design system. Therefore, all components are fed from an external document. However, in the file with about 300 screens, the ram usage is 1.39GB and my file usually opens very slowly. Could there be a place where I went wrong? How can I detect the problem?
Thank you very much.

hey @sedatcakir, sorry you’re running up against performance issues :pray: I’ve been there before too and it’s stressful.

I’ve detailed out a list of 5 things you can do to reduce memory usage (this is based on Figma’s own documentation and suggestions) in a reply elsewhere in the forum that you may be interested in checking out.

If you don’t mind me asking, I’m curious why you’re working out of one big file rather than splitting things up across smaller files?

Responsive web design (4 measures) consisting of about 12 modules is available. Having it all in one file makes things easy, but it’s over the limit. I’m thinking how to proceed.

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ah, that makes a lot of sense, yeah. Showing different breakpoints of a screen within a file is pretty standard.

Could you say more about the “modules”? I wonder if these 12 modules could be split into their own files?

ahh sorry. What I mean by module is: such as home page, result listing, my account, payment, login-sign up etc.

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no worries! that’s helpful, thanks. i think of those same things as “areas” (such as unique pages that would get defined on a site map), or, when they’re interconnected in a prototype, “user flows.”

are you creating many prototypes out of this file in addition to static designs of the screens? i’m wondering if that’s what’s increasing the number of screens and slowing your file down.

Thanks a lot for your attention. I am not using prototyping in the project file. Should I show you the file? :slight_smile:

sure! I’d be happy to look around and see if there’s any opportunities to improve the file performance (beyond the ones listed in that link i shared)

if you send me a message through my site’s contact form i can give you my email address for you to invite me to the file.