"Adobe Near Deal to Buy Online Design Startup Figma" - Please no

Oh man :') We are f***ed

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there are some people who pay… :point_up:t4:

Honestly, that is not bad. Why Figma didn’t buy Adobe.

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They killed or destroy Freehand, Pagemaker, Fireworks, Director and these are just the ones I personally used.
I’m sure they acquired and killed other best in class tools during their 30ys long imperialistic history.
Figma is already doomed.


Figma to buy Adobe is better than the oposit ROFL.

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All acquisitions are nicely listed on wikipedia. At least Figma was by far the most expensive one :smile:

List of acquisitions by Adobe

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Adobe bought Fireworks back in the day, which was the closest to Figma until we had Sketch and they never did anything with it. It was so far ahead of it’s time with components, prototyping, HTML export, etc.

I don’t have high hopes that they will do anything great with Figma.

More importantly for us, Figma will loose a lot of it’s good people who are not fans of the merger. I have been in 3 mergers and it is ALWAYS the case. So even if they try to maintain it and they will say that “of course the whole Figma team will stay and nothing will change…” it would be the first time in history, that it is actually the case.


Totally agree. Fireworks was a wonderful tool, and they nuked it in a few years trying to force FW users to switch to Illustrator, which never really happened. They had to develop XD to get back some FW users, which in the meantime had switched to Sketch and, later, Figma.
Now it’s happening all over again. Their behavior is criminal, damaging the work and the productivity of millions of professionals and agencies, just to get some extra cash from the market. I hope the antitrust commission starts limiting their market strategy which is not in the interest of anyone but themselves.


Ironically, a lot of people switched to using Photoshop for UI design, which was probably the dumbest software to switch to. They tried to shoehorn in a few features to make it easier, but it was obviously the wrong tool for the task. Adobe obviously knew this, but since they had bought FW it would probably have been a too big task to continue development of a totally different code base. If I was to guess, probably because of the merger thing. The good Macremedia devs moved on elsewhere instead of going to Adobe.


LOL you’re right! I tried too, messing with the weird layer organization of PS to do anything else than photo retouching was just crazy.
Managing multiple layers and adjustment layers, mybe naming all of them, just to add a nice looking glare to a button was the onanistic pleasure of many UI designers at the time.
And the export feature! That was crazy, hiding back layers to export PNGs with transparent BG, one by one, forever!! OMG that was a hell…
For a few months I felt like I was doing something wrong because I didn’t understand how so many designers could say that PS was THE tool for UI, I also bought a course on Udemy with a title like “Create great UI design in PS”… but of course my problem was that I had used Fireworks for many years then and my expectations were already too high for what Adobe was offering.


Well, to be fair of course, Figma was pretty heavily inspired by Sketch in the early days — maybe not to the extent of Pixso (!), but it’s also kinda the nature of the beast.

Maybe this Abstract license prolonged by mistake will not be such a mistake in a year perspective? :smiley: Sketch + Abstract and here we goo! It worked well!

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Not sure I would go that far. We didn’t switch to Figma because Figma was a cool company, but because the tool was much better.

Sketch + Abstract might work well, but it really struggles with a) large files and b) large companies (ie. many people working on the same file).

But isn’t Sketch working on their own Cloud solution? The problem was never Sketch, but Abstract…

Oh yeah and let’s not forget that Sketch and Abstract is Mac only :wink: