Admin laid off and we can't access files

Since the admin user of our organization account was laid off, we have no way to update billing and have lost access to our files which we urgently need.

Is there any way around this?

Do you know who your Figma contact is? They would be able to connect you with their technical team and can update the settings for you.
Definitely, a good idea to add more than 1 admin next time or have the “admin” be a general email that multiple IT/Admin people at the company have access to.

Thanks for your message! I agree with all of the above. We’re not sure who our Figma contact is, or if we have one. We’ve sent a couple of messages to Support so we’ll hopefully hear shortly.

Crossing my fingers for a speedy resolution since this is rough!

Finally heard back from Support who can change settings on their end.

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