Adjusting images

I’m new to Figma and simply want to adjust this image to add an additional floor , however when I drag the box to extend its height as shown in the images the box cuts off and disappears.
Also I can’t find anywhere how to change the text within the boxes?
Many thanks

Are you trying to edit an image that you have imported into the file? I’m asking because you specifically said “image”, and if that is indeed the case, Figma does not edit images other than applying some filters to them or cropping them. Also, if this is indeed an image, you won’t be able to edit the text in it, it needs to be in an editable format, in this case a file created in Figma with editable text boxes. Could you upload a screenshot of the Figma layers panel on the left side of your screen?

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I belive it’s an svg previously made here by someone else which now needs editing.
I’m sure I could make a new one but trying to learn how to simply edit the image to add another floor and change the text as it doesn’t show the font sytle for me to recreate either.

Hello @Adrian3,
Welcome to the Figma :slight_smile: To assist you better, I’ve created a short video tutorial showing how to achieve what you want. I’ve also made a file for you which you can duplicate for your reference. I hope this helps!

Figma file link

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Thank you very much