Adding “bring me back to where I was” button to the main avatar after following someone else

Can I get back to where I left off on the canvas by clicking my avatar after following another person’s view? That is my pain point.


If you guys agree with me, please don’t forget to vote this post! Thank you very much!

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I was going to submit the same feedback. It’s a pain to get back to where you left off after following someone else, especially in larger files.

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F!ve months have passed.

This is a great idea. when the file is too big, this can reduce wasted time.

I think it would be better to rename the title of the post to: “Adding “bring me back to where I was” button to the main avatar after following someone else”

This title made me confuse a little and I couldn’t know if I want this without opening this post and read your whole idea. maybe you get more views and votes, too. :smiley:


Thank you. I just changed the title.

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This makes sense as a user journey:

  1. You click on someone’s icon to follow them
  2. You understand what they’re seeing/thinking
  3. You click on your own icon to go back to where you were.

I hope we can get this feature so we don’t lose context of where we are when we use the follow feature.


Please dont forget to vote this post :slight_smile:

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Ah yes! Thank you and voted :slight_smile:

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Here again.

when is this going to be added ._.

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I come here again to see if the magic happens.

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