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Now where was I? Go back to / from pages, frames and instances

1. Describe the problem your experiencing and how your idea helps solve this
I like Return to Instance but I find navigating page to page or node to node can often get quite tiresome panning to / fro.

My suggestion is to include pagination in the toolbar to help combat this, like navigating threads and channels, history in Slack or like we have on the Community dashboard.

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Does anyone else experience this?

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+1 I totally need this! Have you found any plugins that do this currently? It might be the next one I make.

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Thanks Lucian. None that I’m aware of. It would be quite something if Figma did it themselves, however you’re welcome to give it a go using your nifty plugin keyboard shortcuts :wink:

Definitely agree – I miss this feature many times a day, following links between pages and files, viewing Master Components etc – another feature I miss from Sketch + Runner Pro.