Zoom in and out with mouse scroll and panning with right click

Hey @Jamie_Wooster, not sure why calling my name, but yeah, what’s up? I trust AI is light years away from being able to solve fundamental problems, but it would shave some fur from those who made a living producing stock images for sure.

lightyears away, ok sure thing…anyway thats not why I mentioned your name, i was talking about adapting, specifically replying to your comment

"When you used to do certain things one way and enforced the habit with hours of repetition it would be quite uncomfortable to break it Personally I am fine with current way of panning and zooming and I would not want to re-learn it’

As in adapting to different tools, like if Figma was wise enough to change their zoom you would have to adapt to it and it would be for your benefit, we all have to undo muscle memory sometimes, and sometimes its for our own good. its ironic your teasing Chris for not being able to learn new tricks when you seem to not want to do that.

Anyway, good luck ignoring ai, it will have all of our jobs by 2030, without a doubt.

Well, I’ve been using Figma for the last three years, I spent 8hr a day using this tool, this is what I use for living. Before that I used Illustrator (8years) and before that Photoshop (10 years). Never hand a problem with adapting new tools especially when I use it day-to-day. Keyboard heavy of course. My problem is that there lots of other designers who demand to preserve their habits they got from other tools. Like man, get over it, it does not take long to learn new tricks. But they moan and moan :rofl:

Again, it depends on the problems you are solving. Personally I’m not scared, but excited. Now I don’t need another guy to create illustrations. Eventually AI will be good enough to generate 3D for us. Amazing!

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