Zoom in and out with mouse scroll and panning with right click

like MIRO.
it’s simple and accessible than of other.
pleas vote to this feature for developed soon as possible.


Thanks but no ) Do you imagine how many people are going to be frustrated with that change? )


why frustrated?
one action (hold ctrl) is decrease.

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When you used to do certain things one way and enforced the habit with hours of repetition it would be quite uncomfortable to break it

Personally I am fine with current way of panning and zooming and I would not want to re-learn it

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Sometimes the best experience is sweeter than wanting to learn something new :wink:

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panning with right click :heart_eyes:


For those using Miro and moving to Figjam this is very much a hard change to make as it forces you to use keyboard and mouse together. Please provide a “mouse only” input toggle for Figjam so that it doesn’t impact the current users but helps those coming from Miro or who prefer a mouse only input to work with it better.

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@ Pavel_Kiselev
Well, consider all of us coming from years of using Miro where you zoom with the scroll wheel. I’m going nuts having to remember to use ctrl in one of the apps.

The idea is to add this as a toggle option! Both you and me win!

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I’m also finding this very disruptive; requiring a keyboard modifier to activate zoom in a design tool like Figma has been archaic for a long time. I’d much prefer not to have to use the keyboard at all, especially when in a view-only scenario, e.g. a design review meeting.

I’m fine with it being a preference, to accommodate those who prefer the old fashioned style.


+1, please add an option to enable panning with right click. This is how it works with the Lucid suite.

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lol, most people have used other tools and know how much better it is.

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Fine with me, stick to these you consider the best. Why bring this Miro thing here though? It does not make any sense to me

+1, would be great to have that as a feature. Going nuts with pressing cmd. No a big issue, but would make the hole experience better. thanks.

I am also using Miro a lot and sometimes Figma and get really frustrated that for the panning I have to press the wheel as button on my mouse and for the zoom use the CTRL with the mouse wheel.
It would be great if could configure the zoom and panning function, i.e. to use CTRL+mouse wheel or only mouse weel, and for panning right mouse button or mouse wheel button.
This way both longterm Figma and Miro users can adjust it to their needs.


Please add right click+drag to pan.
The wheel click+drag is cumbersome for some. But we can still keep it so users familiar with either can use it their own way.

Yea well some of us come from much better software apps and only have to use Figma to collaborate with young designers who most often can’t design jack. The default zoom scroll on macs should always be option scroll, not cmd scroll. We shouldn’t be forced to learn the habits of less experienced young designers just “because.” Should be the other way around.

Aye aye captain :rofl: 20+ years in the field here, what is you saying? You cannot learn new tricks? Too bad, my man, too bad

:yawning_face: I learn quicker than you could imagine my friend. My comment still stands. Change for the sake of change, is stupid.

much better? I’ve been doing this work over 20 years and now, despite its flaws, I spend almost 80% of my design time in Figma these days…which are the much better tools you are talking about for Ux/UI? is it XD, Photoshop, Illustrator lol…but yes 100% agree about the scroll and pan issues with Figma. Also @Pavel_Kiselev, thats called adapting and its part of being a designer, especially if you want to do this long term - you adapt to the tools, and sometimes this forced adaption is a blessing, because once you figure out the new tool, or new method you realise how much more efficient it is.

Anyway, dont stress too much guys, the AI is here to do ALL of our jobs within a few years - why do you think Adobe would spend 20 billion on this software? sure its good, but its not 20billion dollars good…if however, it was utilizing ai that could do our jobs based on simple human language prompts, like how we do it, than i can see conceivably why adobe might spend that 20billion. Just to make it clear - Figma will be the tool people are paying to do the ux / ui not humans, so enjoy being creative while you can kids.