Videos autoplay on web/desktop but not in mobile app

I’ve run into a very frustrating problem: videos I’m using in prototypes play correctly in the web/desktop client but are rendered as static images in the mobile app.

These aren’t large videos and are nowhere near the max size limit. They’re standard H.264 MP4 files that are confirmed to play properly on each platform.

Weird things I’ve noticed:

  • In the CSS code inspector, the background asset is a PNG file that has the same main filename as the video (e.g. “videofile.mp4” has “videofile.png” as the background asset). However, in the CSS table inspector, the correct MP4 file is listed as the background asset.
  • The iOS code inspector also points to the static PNG file for the background.

I’m hoping there’s something I’ve foolishly overlooked here that will remedy the issue, but this seems to be broken. I need to present these prototypes with videos via the mobile app, and there appears to be no way for me to do so. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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