Video error

Did someone face a problem when you upload video and it says “An invalid video was removed.” I have uploaded only one video since feature was published. I don’t know what’s the proplem of other videos.

Are you certain that you are following Add video guideline?

you can check it out here,the%20video%20as%20a%20fill.

Also remember Videos are paid plan feature

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Yes, I am. The videos are not even 10 MB in size. Also I’ve got educational plan and added project into payed team.

Hey @Sanjar1

here is my suggestions:
1- Try to duplicate your file and test this on the other one as well
2- Try other devices to upload
3- If it remained message the Figma Support and explain your situation

I am also facing the same thing. Can you tell me how to fix it.

@SohrabNiroo @ADITYA_RUHELA @Sanjar1 try converting or compress the video trough a converter like or Adobe Encoder and convert it to a standard H264 codec of one of the presets (Fast 1080p30p) that worked for me.

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does not work with encoder

I have also question reg. videos. I’m newbie and gonna make a prototype of a design studio’s website.
There should be inserted a grid of promo videos stored at YouTube channel and embedded into the page. Well, it should look like the grid of videos under “portfolio” of this animation studio example. I.e. it’s expected to be available both for preview at the web-page and for playback by getting to YouTube.
So I’m confused now abt the way to embed it into my prototype… I guessed, I should use the @SohrabNiroo ‘s recommended adding video guideline. Though, it shows the way with uploading the video to Figma’s canvas, but I don’t need it. I checked through the forum and ’ve found another thread abt the inserting video, but it’s also not solution for my case.
Any ideas for making the described prototype, containing videos grid? I’d highly appreciate any advice or tutorial.