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[Variants] How to keep the icon color override while changing the variant state


I’m building a big library and have a popular problem with icon color override which is not supported.

I’m have read a lot of topics and following them, unfortunately, it doesn’t work all the time in my case.

I created a button variant: a button with icons. Then I’m creating an instance and I’m replacing the icon symbol. The color keeps override. Hurra! I’m changing the state to disabled. The color keeps disabled override, hurra!

But when I’m changing the variant state ONCE AGAIN it keeps the second override.


My build:

Structure (All icons are shapes, all names are the same)

:sob: Problem:

I will be happy for any advice. Thanks

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Unfortunately it doesn’t work.

In my case all icons are grouped into a variant too (per size). When I’m doing that on a figma example created by you, it still has the same issue when I’m changing the button state twice.

Check the file from this post: