Unable to save PNG in the file

Rasterizing group to transparent image on the canvas, or importing PNG images with transparency into the file results in corrupted image:

  • “File has unsaved changes” message is shown and not dissapering
  • Opening & closing the tab results in that transparent image’s fill getting completely empty (not even loading)
  • Was checking image URLs from Inspect panel - “No such image” is displayed, while on non-transparent ones its fully acessible from Figma server

Curious if this bug only on my end or happening to more people.

Edit: Also can’t do a backup .fig file with these PNG images - when trying to import it it says “Unable to Import image” error.


The same is happening for me and the image isn’t showing up in the prototype view. As soon as I delete the image, the file saves straight away.

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Seems like Temporary outage regarding images pointed by another user. They are solving it right now


hello, today a similar problem arose, it is not possible to save the image in the project.

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