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Unable to Export file or convert to Component

  1. I tried exporting a project flow to share with a customer, and was not able to. This is something that would be incredibly helpful especially with such a beautifully easy tool for making flow charts! It would be a go to for me if it was exportable.

  2. I then tried copying and pasting it into a normal figma file and was unable to turn it into a component. This would be super helpful for turning edits from other coworkers into something that is useable.

Hey @Kayla_Latterell. For 1, this is expected as FigJam doesn’t support exporting at the moment. Please see the FAQ here: Can I export from FigJam?
For 2, I’m not 100% sure what you’re running into here. Are you looking to have components within FigJam? Can you maybe add some more context?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hey @Kayla_Latterell - with regards to number 2: objects from FigJam files are treated as “special objects” in Figma, which means their layers can’t be edited and they can’t be included in components.

Hope that helps to clarify!