True Aspect Ratio Lock

Just reiterating here, odd that it doesn’t provide this when scaling is such a common task.

I find it difficult to be perfectly precise and then the image seems just a little off most times


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Is there a status update on this? Just like others here, it’s a huge annoyance for me and those on my team.


Go ahead… I’ll wait

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Figma not adding fixed aspect ratios (ESPECIALLY for images) in auto-layout is almost as bizarre as not adding bullets for as long as that took. I’m amazed this hasn’t happened yet. :slight_smile:


I need this feature so bad for creating reusable design systems. Using figma for years and came up with the weirdest hacks to make this work for preserving 16:9, 4:3, image aspect ratios.

Any updates on this? We really need locked aspect ratio in auto layout! its a pain in the ars to have to maintain this manually every time you make changes to the paddings etc.!

Replying to keep this thread alive. Still blown away this hasn’t been added… I would call this a basic web design paradigm – images scale at a fixed aspect ratio as websites resize. This has continued to prevent me from creating truly responsive designs and components. At a big company in a production environment, I cannot rely on tricks and hacks when a whole team is relying on my components.


I’m fairly new to Figma and love it! (I’ve used Sketch and Adobe apps for a long itme) But I can’t really figure out how the current aspect ratio “Constrain Proportions” lock icon works or when it is supposed to work vs not.

I assume its supposed to maintain the aspect ratio of an image or component or object as I’m resizing it or when its parent group, frame, or component is resized. This should keep Cropped image fills from stretching an image.

I appreciate that there are several hacks or plugins that tackle this issue, but IMO this is a platform level feature that needs to be implemented in a more intuitive way.

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Keeping this alive!

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Bumpety bumpety bump. This is badly needed.

Also since I haven’t seen it mentioned here yet — there’s a pretty good plugin that solves this for the time being. It’s called Ratios by AREA 17 and David Lamothe.

It creates a frame of your ratio choice that you can then place images etc into and it will keep its ratio even when set to fill inside another auto layout stack. :+1:t2::+1:t2:

Holding shift while resizing seems to lock the aspect for me. I have the parent configured with these settings:


All other instances are set to scale for both.

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This would be a life saver!

I cannot describe how desperately I need this feature.
This prevents me from setting up simple card components with images that have a predefined aspect ratio.

It’s 2023. No aspect ratio lock on images. Really?

It’s March 2023. No aspect ratio lock on images. Really?

True aspect ratio lock would mean that the height of the frames needs to grow (hug) when resizing the width. This in combination with min/max widths and percentage based sizing would be a game changer for our workflow at our company.