Time picker for online ordering app

how do i make time picker work for my project using the template below? scroll through different time slopt users can select while placing an online order?

Building a control like that to be interactive is non trivial. It not obvious from a static how it’s meant to interact. For each time slot you could open an overlay to select a timeslot or use a dial like android. You can’t scroll in overlays so the limitations of Figma would start to influence the design. I would build the parts as interactive components so that you can reuse them. Also do a search through the community files for examples or components and YouTube videos of interactions like this

If the time elements are vertical scrollers then you need to create tall frames with the numbers in and with vertical scrolling enabled. Nest these in frames that act as the view port and those clip and don’t scroll. The bars need to be external to the scrolling frames. Getting the numbers to paginate

Good write up on what you are trying to achieve here on scrolling components