The preview is blurry, when you zoom in everything is fine. What's the problem?

Thanks for the additional context, @jo1!

This may be a regression or new issue. Are you able to share a screen recording or example file with us here?

Please use your Figma account email, include a link to the file, and share edit access with, so our team can take a closer look.

Hi dvaliao
Is there an email i can use to raise a ticket please?
I cannot share the file.

Hey @jo1, you can use the link I provided to submit a ticket in my previous response:

I found a fix for this. In my case, my artboards are all 2560x1440

If I set the Prototype Device to “Custom Size” and set the width and height to be 1 pixel less than my art boards, it renders clean. If I set it to None or to the exact pixel size, it’s blurry when the browser window is a greater resolution than the artboards.

I work on a 6K monitor but design for screens that are smaller than mine, so the issue is visible for me 100% of the time. I have a feeling folks reporting the same issue are also working on screens larger than they’re designing for – a super common use case for product design!

This seems like a clear frontend bug.

I’m a new user, so I can’t post more than 1 media attachment per post. So following up with how text looks on my 6K monitor w/ 2560x1440p artboards without my workaround (the “before” screenshot if you will)

And here’s how it looks with my workaround:

As you can see, it goes from blurry to crisp if you make the Prototype resolution 1px (sometimes as much as 8-10px) narrower / shorter than the Frames you’re presenting.