Synchronize Figma to FigJam & vice-versa

This is a really necessary feature!

Yes please!

This is the first thing I’ve felt I’ve needed from Figma/Figjam and I’m glad there’s so many others feel the same. It would make like so much easier!


Push, push. This is the one feature that would make our entire company switch from Miro to FigJam. Outdated designs are a huge problem and FigJam would be a great place to explain flows and let everyone contribute.


Boosting this thread!! Without the ability to sync design changes to existing flows, FigJam is pointless. My team will be sticking with Miro.


Really, this is a no-brainer. I was assuming that it was already possible, otherwise why should anyone put up with FigJam limitations? Please make this feature a high priority, otherwise we will have to go back to Miro, and keep our mock-ups in sync manually! Also, consider that designs pasted into a FigJam file could easily belong to different Figma files.

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Without this Feature we our whole company will continue using Miro…
Urgently NEEDED!

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agree, usually use miro instead of FigJam

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@Vanessa_Van_Schyndel; we definitely need this feature. It could be an extremely elegant Figma/FigJam workspace feature. And a great way for designers to prepare FigJams, where we can give more context on edge cases / how certain features should work - for handoff’'s to developers & communication and alignment with other stakeholders. Making changes to designs in Figma, will sync perfectly with FigJam (when you say so). Who needs Google Slides or Miro when we could have this?


Hmmm, sound like this can be a weekend project for me, this can be done with some workarounds. Basically, the plugins must be both open from the FigJam and Figma files (only one person is enough) to keep the two in sync, without this, the changes will be messed up as Figma doesn’t store object modification time in their API (correct if im wrong)

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A million times over, yes! But should be optional.

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Bumping this again! Really hoping we’ll see this feature soon!

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Another bump from me - some other flow tools can do this (with Figma designs as a basis) so it only seems natural that FigJam should be able to do this too.

BUMP! 15 months later – any progress on this request?

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This would be such a game changer. :heart_eyes:


massive +1 on this.

we use FigJam to illustrate user flows and notes during a tech review when we do hand off, using it as a live document.

Currently if the designs update the figjam is no longer the source of truth :cry:

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Hugely agree with this thread, and here is our specific use case for the Figma team to consider:
We create designs for and with product in Figma. Often, the Figma files themselves contain a lot of concepts, screen-grabs, mishmash, in-progress ideas, …essentially: noise from the design process. This stuff, we’d rather not expose/confuse Product, development, or anyone else with - but it does have value to us.

Pages: Sure, we could place this stuff into other pages, but this is confusing, and it’s not like you can set various pages as off-limits for any group you share a Figma file with.

Delete it The other option is deleting this stuff, but nearly always we are in process with things, and/or there will be continued design/development of any given project. It’s frequently helpful to have the former process concepts, and design odds-and-ends around for future work.

Sharing Figma is oversharing Lastly, while some folks are fine with the Figma UI being present - we often find things like the layers panels to also be additional noise that devs, and many product folk do not need to mess with. The inspection panel with css stuff may be occasionally helpful to devs, but more often than not - all they need is a font value or a color.

We share with Figjam

So we create Figma components with names like view/some-name and publish them - then import them into a Figjam, and tie them together in a flow chart. Ultimately it’s the Figjam schematic, full of real designs, that we end up sharing with teams or linking in tickets, because it’s the clearest way to communicate the designs as a flow.

This works because any update to the Figma component can be pushed to the Figjam file, removing the abject nightmare of manual copy and paste updating to keep designs current.

However, it’s clear from the Figjam UI, this isn’t really what was intended. The Figma designs are imported as a library of ‘stickers’, and pulling updates is buried under the sticker menu. Plus, the sticker menu doesn’t include names or titles of the ‘stickers’ easy to view - relying more on thumbnails. Naturally, the thumbnails of a series of design comps often are not obviously different enough at a glance to easily understand which view you are grabbing, etc.

I think there is huge potential though here, and the Figma/Figjam combined flow is already nearly there. It’s the ultimate 1-2 punch to go from a Figjam skematic flow, and gradually replace with the true designs (From Figma) when they are ready. This, plus the ability to keep them always current, without overhead is just thermonuclear winning.


I agree with all the points Andrew makes above.

This is where Figma has to decide if Figjam is an underpowered whiteboard or a unique & valuable tool. Is it:
a) just a fun and underpowered Miro-lite with plug-ins OR
b) offers unique value as PM-collaboration companion app for Figma.

The killer feature for Figjam would be as a clean & beautiful way to expose just the options on designs that are relevant to get PM feedback. Everything else is done better by other whiteboarding tools.

Figma sharing IS oversharing with PMs. The Figma interface in awesome for designers, OK for devs, but way too distracting for our PM partners. If my designers make a bunch of variations, each with variant components & properties, it would be awesome to allow PMs to come in and tinker with the exposed variants/properties, comment on the same, but do it in FIGJAM, where it’s a simple canvas where we don’t have to hide:

  1. all of the Figma design interface
  2. all of design components that we don’t want to expose
  3. all of the other pages they shouldn’t look at

Agree with the suggestion, It’s very helpful and saves time if we change/update the design in Figma.

I am very interested in this feature if it goes into beta, please let me know thanks!

Are we still waiting for this? Right now pasting Figma frames on FigJam is quite useless for me. If I’m adding connectors/stickies and then decide to update the frame on Figma, I have to do delete the frame on FigJam and add it all over again with new connectors/stickies.

For now, png images work better because at least I can paste and replace on FigJam, but it’s still quite tedious the bigger the project.