Summon a Team Member to my Cursor

Problem: I am in a file and I would like a team member to come to my cursor location

Context: I could send them a message with a link to the file, or hope they are in the correct project and could start observing me, but in either case I’d relying on them to take some action. What I want is a way to quickly get their attention and arrive at the location of my cursor so we can work on the same part of the file quickly

Proposed Solution: Using Summon, I can @teammember in the cursor chat. This will send up a flag in their UI (maybe also in cursor chat) with a one-click action to accept or reject my request to summon them. If they accept, they are brought directly to me. If they reject, I receive a cursor chat back to let me know.

It’s a little thing, but so far I’ve wanted it several times to speed up the workflow.

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I wish this were a feature every time I work in a file at the same time as another person!
(which is a daily occurrence).
The cursor chat would be a pretty good way to do it. Another way I think would work is to click on my own avatar and from the menu I could summon everyone or perhaps even individuals.

A non-verbal request to start observing me. It feels like a no-brainer given the ability to observe someone.

I definitely agree there would need to be some kind of speed bump for the summoned person(s). A way for them to accept/reject the summoning.

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