Sticky text properties

tl;dr: The text properties such as Font Size, Line Height, Letter Spacing, Paragraph Spacing are not reverting back to Auto, 0 or whatever it should be there by default.

Found this weird bug that’s super lovely. I’m writing something, and make some selections: the font, font size and line height.
When I’m done, I go on and write another text, the paragraph under, and guess what: all my previous selections are there in place for me, very handy!
Well now, this is a different block of text and I don’t need a custom line height or letter spacing for this one, but they’re there already for some Figma reason. Figma knows I need them precisely like that previous one.
So, yea, guess more work for me know, I go about effortlessly setting them back to “AUTO” for line height and 0 for letterspacing. But wait, there is no actual selection for “Auto” height line, so Figma’s forcing me to use a custom height line now and I need to figure out what would be appropriate for this font and size. Oh wait, I can actually write “Auto” in the Line Height field there, how nice. I mean, it works, right?
Why should Figma do it’s own magic automatically when I can manually do it myself? Much love on these updates.

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