Spotlight a person

Duplicate of pre-existing idea (which was automatically closed after 90 days) from Courtney Sandlin:

I love the “Spotlight me” feature, but it’d be great if we can also have a “Spotlight this person” feature so that way, I can spotlight my PM partner or some other non-designer instead of needing to ask them to spotlight themselves or have everyone click on that person’s icon to follow them.

Here’s our use-case: during our weekly team sync, each person spotlights themselves then shows their work. Sometimes people forget to spotlight and it‘s awkward to interrupt mid-flight during the call.

Suggestion: add a “suggest spotlight” button when you hover on a different user’s avatar. That user would get a banner/notification and they can hit a button to start spotlighting.

Alternatively you could do Courtney‘s suggestion. There may be situations where it’d be disruptive if 20+ people all started following someone who didn’t expect it.


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