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Sliding Values! They're fantastic, but not always. [Video]

When you hover over a value, sometimes your cursor turns into a slider. From there you can click and drag and change the values intuitively instead of having to type out the numbers.
On the numeric inputs with big labels, there isn’t much of a problem. But when there are no labels to hover over, the area that detects a hover is so small that its really frustrating to nail it on the first try.

Here is a video demonstration of the frustration:

Does anyone even use the slider function or am I the only one? It’s super useful in my opinion. I don’t have to type the numbers and I can just approximately size it instead.
For anyone who have used Blender, a better implementation of the cursor slider is basically what I’m asking for.

What do you think?

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Hold Alt/Option and drag.

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It would also be nice to hove over the are and use mouse/trackpad scroll to increase/decrease values.