Sharing from drafts requires to be an editor?

Hi there,

We are on the Organization plan.

I thought I’ve read that sharing from draft was possible without being an editor. Is that only when you are on another plan?

and the follow-up question would be, why do you require to be an editor to share something with someone else?

Thank you!

Hey @sgiroux,

The default setting for Organization plans is anyone with the link can view.

If you only have can view access to the draft, you should be able to share the link, but only with the same can view permissions.

More info here:

Hi @dvaliao, thanks for taking the time answering my question😊
My question was more related to the person who’s sharing the draft.

Let’s say Laura is a viewer in her organization. She just did a draft that she wants to show to Oliver, who’s also a viewer in the same organization.

From what we’ve experienced, Laura can’t do that. When she clicks on “Share”, Figma tells her to ask Admins to change her role to an Editor first.

Is it how it’s supposed to be?

Does anyone else have the answer to this?
Much appreciated :slight_smile:

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