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Share links not refreshing in app

Anyone running into a problem with read-only users and link sharing? Here is the issue as I am seeing it:

  • I generate several non-prototype style links with node IDs that point to selected individual screens.
  • First link behaves as expected: Links to browser which auto redirects and opens the view of that screen in the App.
    -Second link appears to behave the same, but when the app displays again it is still on the prior screen view.
    -This persists even with a third link or trying the second again, you continue to see the first link.

If I close the project tab in the app before hitting the second link, it will load the proper screen. If I return to the browser screen and hit Open here instead it loads the right screen in the browser also. This issue did NOT occur for projects that I have owner/editor access to, only for ones where I am read-only. Am I missing something? Or is there a better workaround than the clumsy reload I’ve found? And/or telling clients to use their browser vs the app until this is fixed?