Request for Improved Accessibility of Figma in Iran

Dear Figma,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing on behalf of the Iranian Figma users facing challenges in accessing and utilizing the Figma platform due to the existing sanctions and internet-related issues in Iran.

As a community of designers and creators, we greatly value the capabilities and features that Figma offers, but unfortunately, the current situation and internet restrictions in Iran have created obstacles for us. The imposed sanctions have resulted in difficulties in establishing a stable connection to Figma, impacting our ability to use the platform for our design projects seamlessly.

We understand that Figma operates within the framework of international regulations, and we appreciate the efforts made to comply with these standards. However, we kindly request your consideration in addressing the unique challenges faced by Iranian users. We aim to ensure that the Figma cloud platform becomes more accessible and user-friendly for the design community in Iran.

We believe that fostering a collaborative environment between Figma and Iranian users can lead to constructive solutions. By enhancing the accessibility of Figma in Iran, you would support our creative endeavors and contribute to the global mission of making design tools accessible to all.

We kindly request Figma investigate the challenges faced by Iranian users and explore potential solutions to improve the overall experience. Your support in this matter would be highly appreciated by the Iranian design community, and we are hopeful that together, we can find a way to overcome these obstacles.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and we look forward to a positive response.

Best regards,

Majid Valizadeh

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