Prototyping playback glitch unless you hit Z to fit the entire frame in window

So when I am in the prototype view and I am reviewing the playback, the animation appears incorrect per the settings that have been specified. This only happens in the view prior to hitting the Z key and making sure the entire frame is fit to the viewing window. I have noticed this on a few different files after the most recent updates. This also seems to only be happening in the “Present” view and not the new “Preview” view. For sure an issue when you are trying to show scale and accurate animation and can be confusing for those that are unaware of this glitch as they will think the glitch is the intended animation style.

For example: If I use smart animate to create a popup window that starts with an opacity of 0% and is placed 40 PX below its end state. Then create the end state at 100% and move the modal box up 40 PX and then add the appropriate smart animation transition and trigger. When clicking to view this animation in the preview window, the popup will simply fade in from 0-100% opacity but will not register the 40 PX movement. Then when I click Z to fit the frame to the window, the animation appears as expected and the opacity moves from 0-100% and the 40 PX rise also is shown.

I can’t reproduce this. Do you have a design that you can share?

I do not, unfortunately. The work I am doing is not available for public viewing.

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