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Problem with collaborator not seeing images

I am working on building a mock with imported images but my teammate (with editing rights) can’t see certain images. The same images are also not showing up in prototype. However, when I export the art board to jpeg, all of the images show up fine. *We are both using the figma app, not in browser.

Stupid assumption, but are they inside the frame? I had issues with user not able to see images in prototype, but it worked normal in incognito mode :confused:

Yes! They’re definitely in there.

Update: I tried opening up a new page in the same doc and the same problem continues but when I pasted my art board in a brand new doc, it works fine. Might be something with my original doc.

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Suddenly Figma stopped demonstrating prototypes, and if I load in Browser the programme shows not actual version, when I try to play the project - opens a new window with white screen and doesn’t display anything, other projects are not shown either

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