Potential Enhancement REQ

Folks from our team use both Figma and ProtoPie and would like to request Figma add some capabilities that ProtoPie has.

Formulas & Variables: In ProtoPie, We can set and use variables, and apply logical formulas, allowing creation of more dynamic and data-driven prototypes.

Chain Interactions: One of ProtoPie’s standout capabilities is the ability to create complex sequences of chained interactions. For example, a single trigger like a button tap can initiate an animation that, upon completion, seamlessly transitions to another interaction.

Conditional Logic: with protoPie, we can set up very complex conditions for interactions. For instance, a button might behave differently based on the value of a variable or the state of another object.This is especially helpful for advanced scenarios like drag-and-drop interactions or detailed canvas interaction. Though Figma has begun to introduce conditional settings, it currently doesn’t match the depth ProtoPie offers.

Rich Text Editing: With ProtoPie, we can prototype rich text input, enabling more realistic text interactions.

Component States: While Figma also has component states (variants), ProtoPie offers detailed state interactions and transitions that can be more intricate. For example, one can set in one screen that after one element being triggered, several other elements change their states in a specific sequence.

Advanced Animation Controls: While both tools offer timeline-based animation control, ProtoPie provides more granular control over easing, delays, and other animation properties.

Thank you!

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Hey Andre_Arauj, thanks for the feedback! We’ll pass this along to our team for consideration.