Please provide links to an *exactly place* in one file

When designer or QA team reports a UI bug/glitch to engineers we usually navigate to the regarding Figma file/page and then search within the page. We have several screens in each page and human eye search takes time. (This is a big app, with hundreds of screens thus each file has lots of pages and each page has lots of lots of screens)

It would be great if we can Get a link to a exactly place (ideally zoom included) so avoid searching each time.

You can easily do that, of 2 ways:
1: left click on a frame, copy > copy link (or something like that)
2: from the big share button on the upper right corner of Figma if you are standing on a frame, once you hit share you get a modal to share the link, on the lower right corner there’s a checkbox that says something like “preserve link to frame” or similar. If that selected, once you click copy link will do the same trick.
Personally option 1 is way easier.

TIP: we also work with big projects and I’m used to have a “:anchor: Project Navigation” tab, we’re we list all the flows names or screens as Figma links, this allows you to search for a flow name or screen, click on it and navigate to that frame.

You can generate a link like those just by having the link on the step 1 and pasting it to a text box.

Hope this helps!

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