Photo Booth Widget: "Invalid image"

I get that “invalid image” message when trying to use Photo Booth in FigJam. The camera doesn’t open at all.

Hey @Laura_Bradley, we’re not seeing any issues on our end.

Is this happening in-browser or using the desktop app? And if you’re using desktop, are you using the latest version?

The minimum required Figma desktop version for this widget is v104.1.0.

This is happening to me using the in browser version which I planned on using with a group of educators. Does it not work any longer on the browser version of FigJam?

Hi @Kelly_McNeil ,

Hi @Kelly_McNeil, as of now, we haven’t observed any issues on our end. I’ve tested the Photo Booth widget on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox and everything seems to be working fine. Could you please take a look at this article to check if your browser is supported?